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A local Woman


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Well me and Chris made it home ok from seeing Pete and Glenn only to find this on the news. The name of the lady is Brandy Hall and she owns a local airboat company here in Melbourne. She was also a member of the Brevard County Airboat Association. She has I think 2-3 children. You all keep her in your prayers.

Search continues for firefighter

Florida Today


Malabar volunteer disappeared

Palm Bay Police are continuing their search for a missing Malabar volunteer firefighter today.

Palm Bay Police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez said the firefighter, whose name is not being released, was last seen leaving the firehouse on Malabar Road at about 8:30 Thursday night. She talked with someone on the phone at about 10 p.m., but hasn't been heard from since.

"She missed some appointments on Friday and her family became concerned," Martinez said this morning.

A fisherman found the firefighter's green truck in a pond south of the Brevard Community College Palm Bay campus Friday. The truck will be scoured by detectives today.

In addition, a dive team has been at the pond since about noon today, searching for more clues. So far, the search has turned up nothing.

"The visibility in there is pretty bad," Martinez said, adding the rainy conditions today isn't helping search efforts.
Her 2 kids are with her parents,her husband was just sentenced friday.She was liked by all who knew her.
Joe":aibvey26 said:
She was liked by all who knew her.

Especially those that purchased large quanities of home grown, high grade Holopaw cannabis from them. :evil:

Sad for the kids!!!
You know Jeff is does not matter what they did in the past. I know for a fact they were trying to get their life straight. Just who the hell are you to judge anyone? That is something I did not want to bring up because I did not think it was anyones business and it really does not matter in this situation. The only thing I wanted people to do was keep this family in their prayers because this wife and mother is missing. Next time keep your comments to yourself!!!

An update

http://floridatoday.com/apps/pbcs.dll/a ... S/60820005
I know this family personaly,and I know they wouldn`t appreciate that comment.I talked to her dad earlyer and he is still holding out hope,so keep those comments to yourself!!
I am with you Joe. Again that is not why this post was here. This post was to ask for prayers for this family because a wife, mother, daughter, and loved friend is missing. No matter what happened in the past, that has no bearing on why this is here. If you pray, keep them in your prayers. If not then please just think about this family as they go through this situation.
Ole JEFFY Has been known to stick his foot in his mouth all the way up to his ass! Maybe we should all be as perfect as him!
I apologize to all that I offended by stating what was reported in the article that Dakota posted in her update!!!

The real tragidy in all this are the children who's father who is going away to prison & a mother that is missing.

If anyone has any information regarding the disappearence of Brandy Hall, please contact Det K. Folsom or Det J Shuelter @ the Palm Bay Police Department. They can be reached @ 321-952-3460.

If you'd like to leave an anynomous tip with no caller ID, please call
I don't want to see anything bad happen to anybody. This whole situation is just a bad event for the entire family. Your are right Jeff, the kids are going to suffer for thier parents mistakes.

Looks like the Capt took responsibilty for his own actions. When his time is up and he pays his debt to society, He will be able to start out fresh and run with it. Best of luck to him.

When people are under duress, they can respond in many ways that what we call the norm is just about impossible to comprehend. I hope she has not made a bad judgement call about her husband situation. It's way to early to tell. She may be Okay!

Jeff, I see no need to apologize, To me you were just stating the facts. A million dollars worth of dope is a big deal. You can safely says it has ruined the lifes of many.

Again, I hope she is alive an well.

Lets see what happens and hope for the best!
Again, I will say that this is not why this thread is here. If you guys were to read, Brandy was cleared of all the charges anyway. I was just simply asking for prayers and I would appreciate it if you guys would stop mentioning the whole drug thing. Again I will say, a mother, wife, daughter, and loved friend is missing. Please pray for her family and her safe return. If anyone has any information about maybe where she is please call the Palm Bay Police.
It makes me sad that some people can act like so juvenile. People need to grow up.
My prayers are with the family and friends of Brandy and especially her childern. I taught Brandy at St Cloud High for 4 years as an Agriculture student and FFA member. She was a wanderful person , one that would go out on a limb for anybody in need...now we need to go out on a limb for for her and the family. Prayers and sympathy to the family.

She is still missing. They have recovered her truck and some fire fighting gear from the pond. The pond was drained and it was empty. The news stated that perhaps some blood was found in her truck. Her husband was on the news today pleaing for her return.

Just keep on praying for the best.