a name? a date?


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I'm with cntry - I'll be out on the boat for thanksgiving... I'm very thankful about airboating, and the area I airboat in. That's what's it's all about. Heck, the "dinner tradition thing" is just a couple of hours anyway.

Could we have the ride on the Friday after thanksgiving? Does everyone have that day off from work? I don't but I'm taking it anyway. A friday ride. It'd be about the only time we could ever have a weekday ride. And what better way to spend the "busiest shopping day of the year"... by getting out of town!!!!

If the ride is around Thanksgiving, and we are doing a toy drive...

call it "Airboatgiving"? Get some PR out of it?

Oh man, that is cheezy! :p

Well, it's just a thought. I'm sleep depraved.



P.s. While on the topic of names.... if there are "moderators" does that mean the rest of us are "excessators"? Why go moderate when you can go to excess? :p
Well Mood. Since I am a teacher I have that Friday off but cchardt has to work that Friday and Saturday in order to get his pay for Thanksgiving so that is out for us.
I'll be gone playing Army from the 5th through the 20th. Not that ya'll can't do it without me. :wink:

What about the 3rd of December as A1mudpuppy suggested?

Also, at the FAA meeting, Danny Brantley (KRVSA president) had some facts from the FWC Hunting summitt. Did you know that the average hunter/sporstman is in their 40's INCREASING!!! I suggest that we ALL try to bring a youngster along with us to this next ride. I know many already do and it is great seeing the young ones out enjoying what's left of Florida. We ALL Know a kid and they are the future of our style of living so we need to bring them to the DARK SIDE :p Sorry, but really, think about it folks. A kid doesn't add enough weight to get you you stuck and most don't drink none of your beer so what's there to lose???

I'm all for bringing the kids. In this day and age there's nothig better for a kid than being on the water or in the woods.
Ditto with the kids. Got to reverse this negitive trend on hunting. Get them outside into the real FUN world of snakes, gators, hogs, deer, fish, shooten & airboats.
I had one request from a Scoutmaster in Tallahassee to get his troop out on airboats. Working on it now.
Anyone interested in teaming with a Boy Scout troop for a ride or lake clean up? The Scouts can provide labor and have a field day. I'm sure your local troop Scoutmaster would love to heard from you. Besides, the Scouts need encouragement for standing up to the PC crowd on the Gay issue.
southern santa
southern sleigh
southern airboat toys for tots
killin and grillen fer the children (my favorite)
come on mood we need your help????
Hmmm.... Let's see...

T'was the night before Christmas
and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring...

Except 50 airboatin' Santas with toys everyone!!!!

I'll let it process thru the gray noodle croc. And let you know what silliness I can come up with. I got chores to do right now though. I like yours about killin' & grillin' for the chil'ren!

Toy boats toy boats tow boyts. Dang! That is tough to say!!! :)

Off the top of my head, I come up with:
"I'm dreaming of an Airboat Christmas"
"Props to the kids"
"skinny water for starving children"
"props for tots"
"Rudolph the red-nosed airboat"
"Frosty The Airboat"
"let's help moodfood get unstuck"
"We know you are hungry and you parent's abandoned you. Here, eat this Barbie Doll"
"I wanted to get everyone an X-box... but I spent the money on this airboat instead"

Yikes. I'm not in "the spirit" yet. I've been Grinched and Scrooged!!!! I gotta get over that! :)

There are some good names out there already! Those sound good already.

Aces... In the toys for tots thread I vote for "skrew the news & do something nice for needy kids". Just so you know where my head is at in that dept. You want that photo or not?!!? ;)

This is a tuff one butt here's what I got for ya.
GOT TOYS?Be at the Ride "add date here_ _ _ "
I told you this one was hard. :?
Boats In ToyLand

"Let's Help Get Moodfood Unstuck"

"Merry Christmas Airboat Style"

"There's Joy In The Air(boat)"

Aces - I actually really like "Got Toys?" but just too similar to the last ride!!!! (Which you named and did not attend!) ;)

"Santa'a Airboat"

"Airboat-powered toy-chucking machines"

"Boats In ToyLand" sounds good to me.

What are the ABATE crew calling it? Can we piggy back with them on the name?

I been laughing like crazy reading these Ideas but I think we really need a serious name. We are trying hard to get the public and media to take us seriously. I know we dont want to give them any ammunition for their crazy ideas of crazy redneck airboaters. (even though some of us are.)

I'm still brain storming just hoping you guys come up with something first.
I kind of like Let's Help Moodfood get Unstuck. That is my personal favorite.
J/K Matt. :lol:
Dakota - That name will be one of my suggestions till we get a new boat. :) and maybe even afterwards too!

There is not one run where we have not gotten stuck. Even when Laura and I go out on our own, we seem to get stuck. Although, I think we did not get stuck in Citrus County last weekend. Maybe that's why we liked it so much out there. But every time we get stuck, I learn valuable things about our boat and airboating in general... like... You guys ROCK! :)

BTW... those inclined to offer prayers, say one for Swampjet today. I think his delicate spine surgery is today (or tomorrow)... and we want him back on the water!