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AAOF Fish Fry

glades cat

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That's right folks. That time of year again for the AAOF Fish Fry. Welcome the fall with some good times down in the Glades.


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:rebel: I would like to make this I will be in the Miccosukee res on this date just might have to figure out how to get there from the res . would this be on the north side of U S 41 :rebel: anyone have any idea about how many miles that would be by boat
Scott. This is on the south side of the Trail, across from area 3B, east of the L67. You'd have to ride to one of the Trail ramps and get picked up.
:rebel: Thanks for the reply Glades Cat well I guess I will have to miss it in that case , maybe the next one (yall enjoy and be safe ) :rebel:
Hey, can you put in on the Trail instead of 75 and trailer to the club and ride? I know it's a bit further to tow but it will be a good time and Poker Run. There is also a Concealed Weapons course at 10:30, if you know of anyone who might need it.
:rebel: Glades Cat by the time this event rolls around I will have all ready been in the res, for 8 or 9 days and will be coming out on the 1st of the month, so I would not want to park my truck on 41 for that long . On the res, we are parked behind several locked gates and I have never had any problems. Also it is already a 6 1/2 hour pull to get to the res, and believe me that is long enough. SO i will just have to skip this event but like i said enjoy and every one be safe. :rebel: