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About a fellow Airboater


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All right, someone came to me tonight and asked me if I would be willing to help so here I am.

I posted on here about a week ago about Pete in south Florida. He and his son own Westside Airboats. Anyway, he had a very bad stroke and is still in the hospital. He is still not doing the greatest but Glenn is running out of his resources and Pete will be going into rehab pretty soon and that costs $100 a day. This is going to get very expensive for Glenn and having to take care of his dad is making it hard on him working.

We are all one big huge airboat family and I am asking for us to get together and help our brother. I am going to take donations through my paypal or you can mail it to me. If you private message me or email me I will get you my mailing address. Again, let's get together and help a fellow brother.

My paypal name is Dakotaaco26@aol.com

If you have any questions please contact me.

Thanks Basket and AirboatRN for thinking of this
Dakota, I'm gonna donate a harpoon head and a pair of points for gator hunting and the proceeds you get for the fund. Right now I can't afford the $$$$ I've about went broke getting up materials for all this stuff.I'll handle the postage at my end and you handle the $$$ at your end. Hope this helps. Later, Cajun
Cajun hit on a point to me. Speaking for myself....I'm just one of the brothers....I work for myself day to day and money comes and goes. Maybe with all the talent we have here, some sort of fundraiser or raffle may be more beneficial. Speaking for myself...I would be more than willing to donate some of my services to the cause.
Thats a great idea. I think that would help build funds for the ones in need and plus someone who was already planning on spending some $$$$ to get or have something done can go ahead and do it and help others while helping their situation too. Great Great Great Idea. Thanx Felber for taking the idea to another level. Later

You are so good at this kind of stuff :cheers: Look at where my "kamp for kids" went :cry:

For those of you that haven't had the chance to meet Pete...

Please realize this man took Southern Airboat members under his wing a few months back for our monthly ride, (being a veteran airboater of the Everglades that he is)! Not to many people out in the "Glades" would ever had done that! Many stories of the Glades we heard that weekend and our guide for the Sunday ride was none other than Pete himself. Offered me his shoes when we got blasted by the 40 degree rain!

A true Florida cracker gentleman and his family who deserves and needs our help.

That is a great idea Cajun. Thanks for coming up with that. Maybe do something at like the July run that way it gives all the time for people to get things together. But we will see what happens. PM me and I will give you my address.
How about an online auction?

Glenn himself has lots of airboat parts and things to sell, but it would be very difficult to haul it all to one place not knowing whether or not it would be sold.

But an online auction could bring in the money and be convenient for everybody. Then people who want to donate stuff can put it online, too.

Nobody would have to miss work, and could browse the stuff at their leisure.

I'm sure we could work out a delegate to pick up and deliver auctioned items and funds.

How about that, y'all?
Our classifieds give the seller an option to let people bid on their stuff.

Maybe I should set up a new category called "Fund Raisers" for this kind of thing.

What do ya'll think?

Lets make the ride we have scheduled for next month,a poker run and donate pot to family.Maybe we could get a local airboat vender to donate a prize for winning hand so all monies could go to family.
I think the online auction would be a hit also. I think thats a great idea. When its psoted for a fund raiser can it be a sticky where it stays on the front page of new post? This would be a great way to raise monies for this kind of thing. Folks can auction off tune-ups for boats , a certain amount of fiberglass work and so forth, it doesn't have to be just articles, like Felber said it could be services also. Some great ideas going on here for sure. Later
You all got it together while I was hardly working today...I mean hard at work. I would be glad to help out too. Just tell me what to do.

I will call the office tomorrow and see what kind of donation I can get from American Airboats. Please give me a mailing address to send it to.

I will also make a personal donation to your paypal account Dakota.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.
Hey ya'll,

The "basket map" auction is ending this Sunday at 8 PM.

This really is for a kind, generous man that needs our help.

Please, belly up to the bar for this one!