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adjustable "V" belts


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I've always carried them on my service truck. I've saved many a customer money by getting them going quickly but looking back, they did not appreciate it and I only cost myself money by doing it. I keep a roll of it here at camp for GM engines and it came in handy a couple of days ago. A regular visitor was on his way out to Camp Old Glory with some of his friends when his belt broke. He called Bruce Ward and Bruce called me to see if I could be of help. Fortunately I was not far away and was able to get to him within 40 minutes. Blackwater tours came across him and offered to help but I found out about them offering and was able to contact them to let them know that I had it covered. The belt is segmented and you can remove links to make the belt the size that you need. I was able to get him going quickly and saved as much as two hours (or more) waiting on a rescue. I'm sure that he will never be without a spare belt in the future. :slap: A roll of this belt cost's about $90 but is worth is weight in gold when you are down. :cheers:

never enuff

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They work on aircraft but my exp with them on carmotor with reduction is they sling apart if you try and run it up


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I keep them on my service truck as well. I buy them from Grainger they are called Power Twist Plus link belts and we keep some on are boats to they are to handy not have .