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advice on building my own hull


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well from the get go ive been around airboats my whole life always wanted one but ill face it im a young poor white guy so im on a definate budget lol well ive been a welder / fabricator for 6 years and a mechanic for a year or so longer and ive had mud trucks and street cars now its time for an airboat i have a 350 that came out of a truck i flipped it has some power but not sure how much i never had ne problems gettin it to do what i needed it to so back to the hull i have a buddy with an aluminum hull and i was looking at it and hell i could build it chaper than i could buy one ive also had a few pple around here talk about gettin me fiberglass hull in decent shape but never actually have someone come through so i was curiouse what your thoughts would be on me building my own alum. hull ??? and any tips so on so fourth thanx in advance!
I built quit a few boat but lately it is cheaper t just buy a used one then build when you actual add in "all" the materials for rigging stands , hull etc..

there are lots of hulls around with and without rigging hardest part to find is a trailer as everyone wants to hold on o the good ones

that 350 is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get started and later you can step it up with a gear box