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Advice on buying a "Lycoming basket case"

Daddy Dave

Well-known member
Can anyone offer advice on what to look for when trying to evaluate a disassembled aircraft engine for value? I know someone who has a 0-540 wide deck in pieces that might be inclined to sell it.
Big Daddy - I don't know a lot of specs but I do know that usable tagged crank, cams, and a good block is worth around $1500.00 minimum.

I don't know that this will be much use, but here is the little bit I know.

I know to check the mag drive bushings for signs of damage. They are a bugger to get fixed. If you get your hands on a Lycoming parts book it has the ranges of tolerances for all the parts.

Check out the cylinders and feel the top end of the barrel, if you can feel a large decrease in size at the top end, they may be beyond repair (or at least it might be cheaper to buy new ones).

I have been told almost any damage to the block can be repaired and rewelded.

You might want to try to call Jurnigan about what to look for.

Good Luck, I keep dreaming of finding a fix it upper.

I looked for years before I found a 0-540 that I could afford. It was in the possession of a gentleman in his 70s with health issues. It is a narrow deck and had one Slick and one Bendix mag. I think it is a good motor and hope it will give years of reliable service. We'll see.

I found it by looking every day in several newspapers for years. This one was located in Tarpon Springs and was advertized in the Tampa Trib. Hull was old and brittle and the metal works was no artistic winner. I went to see it within hours of the advt's publication.