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AHA, Thank You

John C

Well-known member
I just wanted to say thank you to frogigger and 3 of his friends from the Indian River airboat club. I got a call from Florida Cracker this evening. He said that he was broke down out in the marsh and needed some help. He took some friends duck hunting this afternoon. He dropped them off in a blind and then he lost oil pressure, and could not get her running again. Within 20 minutes Phone calls were made and help was on its way. I got calls from Big Daddy, Sniper, Frogigger, and I heard that Chris from Dakota airboats was ready to respond. John (Florida Cracker) just called me back and said that he is safe on the trailer and on his way home. He wanted to say Thank You to all that helped out and to those who were ready to help. AHA is a great resource. It really worked this evening.
Nice work AHA........guess I was lucky to have been busy today and not able to take Cracker up on that offer. Hope the boys in the blind were warm...that front rolled in quick today.

Hope you guys got some ducks.Send us the hunting report.
I'll let John tell the story, but he did say they all got their limits on the ducks.
It's 11:39 and I just got home, only by the grace of God. I'm exhausted,heading to shower and bed. Will update story in am
Good job guys.

Im fixin to go on a duck hunt on Saturday, leavin in 4 hours as a mattera fact. Sleeps overrated aint it?
John, glad you made it home ok glad to be able to lend a hand hope your boat is not to costly to repair, it was a pretty night to break down if there is such a thing, have a good Christmas and holler at me and we'll hunt sometime.
Gary, you are the man! I could not believe how quickly you got there. Yes, it was a beautiful night, but the site of you heading in the marsh was spectacular. I'm going to be out of service for a while. Metal in filter, heading to Waterthunder in a couple of weeks.

Love to get out in the marsh with you soon.

Be safe and have a Merry Christmas.

John, when I heard you had a 8 yr old in the water out there I know whats in that place you have birds hit the water it attracts them I've gator hunted and frog hunted that place since it has opened and having 2 kids of my own I know I would want someone coming after me asap so glad you didn't have to wait long and that Fellsmere bunch they know how to get it done with the availble materials. Gary
When I got the call from Big Daddy I went into motion. There happened to be a new member of our club who lived in Fellsmere and he was happy to take off as soon as I mentioned it to him. Can't remember his real name but I know they call him Bear. Glad everything turned out ok.