Airboat build suggestions


I am wanting to build an aluminum Airboat somewhere between 16-18ft. Wanting to have two captains seats and 3 rows of 3. So in total I'd want to be able to run 11 people. Possibly have a removable row. My main question is what would it take to power something like that? I have a few ideas, some may be too weak,some too heavy.. lets hear some ideas!
Well for 3 rows of 3 and the operator and co-pilot section you will need 18' in length, 7'8" wide @ bottom rear.
As far as power goes, Waterthunder 418, 2.68:1 Ox box, 80" 4 blade Whirlwind.
Look at some of the tour boats. That’s basically what your gonna build
No, not without diminishing the seating capacity. Even wile putting weight and power
aside, your initially stated goal is similar to putting six people in a regular size bathtub.

If your seating capacity is not flexible, you'll need a bigger hull, and IMO you will be
more satisfied and have increased longevity in the end, by starting with a big block.

That may not be what you wanted to hear, but the Laws of Physics are somewhat inflexible.
mainly water, I'm down in south Florida, but water levels get pretty low some parts of the year. Wasn't planning to run dry with people in it unless I got myself in a situation I didn't intend to be in.
This boat will be going up for sale pretty soon. It's a great tour boat for down south.


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