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Airboat Enthusiasts Feel a Chill


Airboat Enthusiasts Feel a Chill

Foes noisily insist on decibel limits. Fans say they're a nature-friendly part of Florida heritage.

By John-Thor Dahlburg, Times Staff Writer

ON ORANGE LAKE, Fla. � The moon is yellowish, a nearly full disk set high behind wispy clouds. In the tepid, inky waters of this lake in north-central Florida, the eyes of lurking alligators, hundreds of eyes, glint a fierce orange.

It's a primeval tableau, a reminder of the time before humans arrived in this corner of the world. Except for Allen Perry and his airboat.

This night, the retired pipeline welder with the Fu Manchu mustache is on the water, hunting . . .

Here's the rest: http://www.latimes.com/news/nationw...ep14,1,7043732.story?coll=la-headlines-nation
HMMM...I wonder whose side that writer is on???? :evil:

Adam Wetherington ( I don't think I'm related to the guy in the paper but who knows.....)
That’s great we now have a news paper in the largest bleeding heart liberal environmentalist state in the country printing articles about airboating in Florida. I bet some hard hitting environmentalists from California are about to descend on Florida. That’s it I’m removing my grass rake and installing a rake for people who move to Florida and think the waterways are theirs.
Matt..he must be from the "good" side of the family :twisted:

I was turned off from the beginning when the writer referred to the hulls as a "barge". I don't consider my boat nor most of the others I see as barges. But that is obviously the least important aspect of the discussion... :lol: