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Airboat for floundering POC


New member here and new to air boating.

I have been running an 18ft Jon boat with an outboard and 13hp fan motor for floundering in the port O’Connor area. I feel very limited at times as to where I can and can’t go. So naturally I’m looking into an airboat.

I have 2 boats to go look at in South LA, one is a 14ft Fiberglass polly bottom with a DD caddy 502 the other is a 14ft glass poly bottom with a 383 vortex and a 2:1 gear box 3 blade carbon blade.

My question is how well will this style of boat perform for floundering and how good of a boat will it be in the POC area.

Thanks Gents!
TX and LA folks do not frequent here much anymore... I check in time to time to talk with the Ecotec guys...

Search and get in touch with screen name FlounderPounder. He is new to airboating, but his screen name says it all. He is in your area I believe.

It's been years since I have been there, but Matagorda Bay is a fairly open piece of water that can see some decent chop to deal with. I don't think you guys have a lot of dry running to do. 14 foot is pretty small for an open water boat, particularly one with a heavy caddy motor.

I would be looking for a bigger boat for those rough water crossings, but you definitely want to touch base with more locals.
No such thing as a 502 Caddy, never was. I thought that fabricated rumor had finally died in the early '90s.
Obviously the seller knows little about the engine. I would hold anything he told me suspect, at least pending verification.