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Airboat Races article circa 1968,


Great post...I remember those races on the side of 192.

Also remember Ivan Gibson. Pretty sure he lived lakefront on Lake Mary Jane (Moss Park)...about as far north as you can go on the Kissimmee Chain.



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Met Ivan in the mid 60's. Saw an airboat parked outside a restaurant in Slidell. Never before had seen one that nice. Went inside and asked everyone until I found him sitting with another friend, Walton "Mac" McJordan. Had to have it. Ivan sold me my first Grasshopper. Later became a dealer for Grasshopper and Airgator.
Ivan and I became the best of friends. He was a wild man with an airboat. Unfortunately he took his own life in 1999 being thoroughly disgusted in the way this country was headed. Wonder what he would think now? Anyway...he still rides. I Have his ashes secured in my airboat but he gets much smoother rides. Sure miss his sincere friendship and daring wit.


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Man that article is too cool.
Near the end it mentions Benny Rotgers.
His son Leroy Rotgers is in my shop most everyday, and is 70 years old.
He listens without saying too much when I tell him about turbocharged,
electronic fuel injected car engines on airboats.
I enjoy his stories.


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Gyro did you see the picture on the other thread I posted i don't recall if I saw you post on it or not . Leeroy would get a kick outta it


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Hey listen, I did see it,
and it was perfect timing.
It was near the end of the day at my shop when Leroy pulled up.
We were talking about an aircraft I was working on when I remembered the vintage article.
I broke out the I-pad and showed him the article mentioning him.
I was surprised to see there was another page, and with Leroy looking over my shoulder,
I opened the next page. Low and behold there was a picture of him in his AeroGlide,
complete with jet black hair, and mutton chops! He had a smile from ear to ear!
He immediately went into a story about that day, like it was yesterday.
Well done Sir.


Great to find this site!

I have no pictures, movies, etc. of my early life (due to some misfortune with theft) with my Dad, Ivan "Hoot" Gibson. Found this and did some searches, great stuff! Lots of memory's from the little I've found so far!

Thank you Dennis for those kind comments!

And Rick, yes, you are right. We did live on Lake Mary Jane when I was really young.

Coby Gibson
North Pole, Alaska


Silent Prop
R. I. P.
Welcome to Southern Airboat Coby. We sure are glad you found us. Love to see some real old time airboaters stopping in. If you ever need any help with the forum here, just ask. We are all extra kind to people from the North Pole, just in case, you see. Welome aboard. :)