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Airboat Rescue in Ohio Flooding


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Well my wing man Brian Edwards is at it again doing what he does best saving lives
looks like the folks have got a lot of water up there saw a picture of him and his boat with a load of folks going down a flooded street
I just saw a USCG Air Ranger ...... take a bow, Faron ...... cruising down Main St. in Findlay, OH on national television. 8)

The reporter was standing out in the street in water a little below knee deep and he freaked out. He'd obviously never seen an airboat before.
It was a great spot.
I went up to one of Georgia's largest lakes yesterday to Photograph a Sailboat race in my boat and you would have thought I was driving a UFO by the looks I got it was funny

An air boat is used to rescue people from their flooded homes on East Street in Findlay, Ohio, Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007. (AP Photo/The Courier, Randy Roberts)
Faron, the segment I saw was on the ABC morning news ...... hope you find it. It was a great little spot that lasted maybe 2 min. altogether, and a fine look at the airboat too.
Well guys, it was nothing like New Orleans, but it was still a flood and people wanted to get to high ground...
I was paged out and arrived at the staging area in Findlay at 11:00 on Wednesday and was in the water by 11:20 doing my first rescue. I didn't stop nor get a break till about 23:00 Wed. night when I was sent back to the main staging area.. (by then, things were winding down real fast as the water was starting to receed)
I was one of only two airboats on scene Wednesday (along with about 25 other assorted watercrafts). The other airboat was a Sheriffs airboat and they were about worthless as a rescue vehicle... I never got close enough to them to figure out if it was the operator or the airboat itself that was having problems but they were asked to go home after only being there a few hours....

The Coast Guard didn't arrive till late Wednesday evening (22:30) and they were put in charge of all water operations at that time.... By that time, I had already put in 10.5 hours of operation.. At midnight Wed. the CG sent all the rescue boats/crews home except two, One being me... They specifically ask me to stay to do any swiftwater rescues that may arise since they were not comfortable doing them themselves.. I ended up staying till 13:00 Thursday sitting on my ass and helping the CG look good... :wink: At 13:30, I was relieved and allowed to go home... Bear in mind that when the CG arrived on scene at the staging area, they were ASKED to take over ALL water rescue operations. To the CG, this also meant ALL media interviews.... It was almost comical watching the CG head honchos try to steer the media away from my airboat and myself. I could have really had some fun with all of it but I choose to keep my mouth shut and just watch the fun... :D I've got to admit, they are really good at the media spin thing!! Even after certain national media channels ask me to take thm out for a "ride" to video the damage, the CG stepped in and said they would do it....Gotta love 'em...

As usual, the airboat performed flawlessly and except for two broken store front windows that I was blamed for (never mind that there were 20 other boats running down the same street too) things wend real smooth.
The media made this flood into a real circus (not to downplay the damage suffered by many, many people) but this wasn't like a flash flood or anything.. People knew for days that this was coming. They were just not sure how high it was going to get.. That part kind of surprised everyone.....
All in all, it was a smooth operation and got over relatively quick.

Nice work wing man leave it to the Fed's to let the locals do all the work and then they take the credit boy am I familiar with that!, I bet you did not miss getting shot at like in New Orleans and I guess you stayed away from the Rail Road tracks ?
this is just one of many reasons why I will own an airboat till my survivors sell it!!
What a great story!!

and yes Jackson, Ocoonee, Altoona.. Lakes...just anywhere in Ga. people just
"freeze" when they see an airboat. nobody is a stranger when I have my airboat with
me...I love it!!! have taken many people for rides. and towed many boats in either
broke down or stuck in the shallows.

I must admit I watch all news when bridges fall in, and floods, watching for airboats.

I am looking forward to getting my bimini top put on.. it will be much more fun in the
sun and the heat!!

The least you could have done is called for reinforcements --- that could have been as much fun as the Kalamazoo river last year..... But of course by the time I found out it was over.