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airboat with a outhouse :)


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man did ya'll see this cabin cruiser Diamondback has :lol: it's even got is own outhouse :shock: but I guess if some pisses you off you can have them ride in the outhouse on the way home :lol: :lol:

Diamondback Manufacturing

Diamondback Airboats

19' x 8', 496 Levitator motor, 2.3 belt drive, 3-blade Superwide, powder-coated stainless rigging, custom windshield with wipers, custom railing on rake, custom-built "personal" cabin with porta-potty! Automatic 2000-gallon bilge pump, Sunbrella bimini top, intercom system, stainless exhaust, 30" step rake with lights, 3/8" poly, custom seat package, galvanized dual-axle Ramlin trailer. Price is $48,000.
lets try that picture again


"the Fifth seat"

How would ya like to be in there when they go running over a levee???? If you come outta there with a blue butt and smellin' all pretty and nasty all at the same time - we'll know which seat you had while they were running dry!!!!!!


If it's Panther - why did you post Diamondback's phone number? Is it a diamondback or a panther?

Stan - The white trash condo got some competition!!!!


Excuse me I mad a mistake I was laughing so hard I couldn't read the name right :lol: :lol: :lol: it was diamondback I will go correct that :oops:
Did ya'll ever see the movie "The Legend of Boggy Creek"?

The guy was sitting on the toilet....and something reached through the window and the next thing you see is his naked butt running down the hallway of the house full of people :lol:

Betcha it could happen!

Ice rig for up north?

basketcase0302":2l5bjbkl said:
Ice rig for up north?


Son, let me tell you when it's below zero, the last thing you want to do is sit on a prota-potty. :p
Does look like an ice boat. :wink:
I'm glad to see that people are seeing the ads and pictures that I take. But PLEASE let everyone know where you saw them. For those who don't know, this is an ad on the Dealers Weekly section of Airboat Trader. There are some great deals on there along with some oddball stuff. This section of Airboat Trader is for the dealers of Water Walker Props. Check out that section on a regular basis because it changes weekly.

Bob Hoover
Sorry swampjet I put the add in the post for anyone interested and I guess I just assumed everyone knows it is either here or of airboat trader
I think the trader has a link in the Airboat directory from outhern Airboat.
I reckon everyone knows where it is.
I visit there often.

Sure most every one else around here does the same.
If not... check it out.

The new page they created is cool.
water walkers contribution to all of us without bias to any of us and i like to personaly thank every one there ,most of all Patty who devotes so much time and effort, an oh yea free for all!!