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Airboat World Magazine

Has anyone encountered a problem with not receiving their magazines from airboat world? I have repeatedly called and left messages and no one picks up or returns my calls? I payed for my subscription 2 months ago and feel that is too long to wait for a magazine. Very frustrating when you would like to see what venders and retailers(cchardt and water thunder) have to offer to the public. Any answers would be appreciated.
capt. mac i have had my subscription for 8 mnths. and have yet to get it wiyhout me or my wife calling them. what's worse is i love the mag. and find it very informative. so i will keep calling and hope situation improves
Good luck with them, I let my subscription go it is faster for me to go the 7-11 in get it. I got tired of them been late. I called and called no good
I'm not one to complain BUT i have e-mailed twice and tried to call several time's and still no mag no december no january and no reply maybe i won't renew!!!!!
I got the December issue; just the outside cover that is. Thats all that came, and I've tried to call several times with no response. Still waiting on the January issue.
I'm not trying to stir the pot but if i couldn't deliver the good's in my business i wouldn't be in business and i understand that they moved there office but that's not an acceptable reason for not delivering on what's already been paid for that should have been pre-arranged
Hey ya'll,

No December, no January! They don't even sell them at the news stand down here at the bottom of the world! :cry:

got january yesterday things are looking better there probly having some of my luck so hope the best for them
I have been calling everyday for almost 2 weeks as I want to subscribe and order back issues :evil: If anybody on this forum has back issues I would gladly buy them off you . Please :lol:

I'm in the same boat as ya'll. I was reading a buddy of mines issues when he got thru with them, and then he started telling me he wasn't getting them and I thought he just got tired of me asking for them, so I got my own subscription 2 months ago, and guess what, I still haven't seen one. Its enough to pizzzzzzzzzzzzz someone off. I have emailed them and never gotten a response. I wonder if theres anyone who can contact them that could get some answers. Great mag. if you can get it. This is a sad situation for sure to let such a great mag. get run down like this.
I have the same problem -Nothing since September 05---Could some one down their that knows Terri find out what is going on....
I'll get in touch with Terri, and let her know about this.
Hopefully she will put some contact info up here, so you folks can reach her about these issues.

No excuse for this type of problems, but i think They are getting a different printer / mailer to eliminate these hassles. I think they are trying to fix these problems.

BTW I've had the same issues as mentioned above, so I'm not doubting these complaints.

Please stay tuned, and don't give up on ABW. Their good people just like us.
Yep they have issues.

Nov. I got just the cover,emailed Terri and they said they would get one right out never seen it. I haven't got Dec. or Jan.

I've emailed them several times with no reply. I think I just look at the ones at the Airboat shops to keep from buying something I already paid for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe if she or they would get a copy of all these postings, it would show just how much everyone is concerned about the mag. Just a thought.
As I was thinking before I left the other post "watch I'll leave a comment and I'll get one in the mail today" Well I was right got my Jan mar in the mail today.
I have my Jan issue. ABW went through some major changes and problems in Dec.

Here is a thread that Terri posted a while back with an explanation:


Terri and her husband are good people. I think they rescued the magazine from extinction. I'm sure they will get it on track as soon as possible. I have not contacted them because I have confidence in their abilities.