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''Airboating'' in the winter in AK.


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A friend took his air truck ouf for a spin on the lake, needs a little more work before shes ready to run the rivers.




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mmmmm maybe i need to put one of those on my jeep in the winter, would be a lot lighter for that motor to push


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I love the home brew skis! I just shared that video with my friends who run the frozen Stikine River out of Wrangell on a couple diesel SEVTEC Hovercraft:


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Loved it BKMail. Setting here in a snow storm today here in Omaha, Ne. I can not go out because I just had hand surgery so I had to watch the wife try and run the snow blower. That was painful. Keep your videos coming I enjoy watching what others are doing in the winter months.


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Hey Ben bad hope summer comes soon for you guys!! Thanks again the headset are sill Awsome and working great!!