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that hull you are in in your pictures appears to be an old timer hull which is the mold my dad made back in in the late 70s, do you know any history behind the hull, just interested because it may have come from my house when i was a kid.
The name of this hull is "KV Hydros" out of Oviedo, Fla. Does that ring a bell?
the old timer were pretty much a cottonmouth hull that they widened a little and raised the back like that and made the mold, id have to ask dad who got the molds from him when he got rid of them back around 1990, but it looks like they are the same boat i beleive its probably the same mold, ive got a bunch of pictures of some of the complete boats my dad built and ill try to get them on here, i grew up riding on those hulls and always loved the way they looked and performed.
My cousin had an Old Timer w/520 about twenty years. No doubt, it looked just like the boat you & moodfood run. After all those years, we just recently seen the same boat for sale on the Airboat Trader. Still looked great & well taken care of.

capnmike, didn't your Dad also make a skip jack kicker boat that was real popular with the commercial fisherman?
we used to live down the street from bob rays shop and he is the one who made the skipjacks and he and my dad made the old timer molds out of one of my dads boats, there was a 14 foot mold with a blocker to make the boats shorter if you wanted and that is probably the mold these boats are from, there was also a 16 foot mold with a blocker that i beleive classic has and is the fiberglass boat you can get from them. bob and my dad were making hulls and my dad was building complete boats until bob ray died and his son took over and kinda sold off everything and my dad kinda quit building boats, but there for a while they were making some nice boats, it helped too that wally moore lived one house over and was kinda in on it too
we also had a 18 foot skipjack with a 200 evinrude that was pretty bad back in the day, my dads name is ed mizelle, and i guess weve sold out cause hes got a diamondback and ive got a hamant, but at least were still aircraft, ive got a 12 foot old timer that needs new stringers and polymer that one day ill put a 200 lycoming on and make a copy of the ones he used to build. just too busy running and working on the one i got