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Airboats in new TV show


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I saw a trailer for a new TV show starting on Sept 21st on ABC called Invasion and there is Airboats being used in it,looks to be a good show from what I saw of the trailer I saw last night .I dont know where it is being filmed but the story takes place during and after a Hurricane and there is lots of swamp in the footage I saw so my best bet is Florida.the boats I saw had fiberglass hulls might be the same boats used in CSI Miami.
Thanx Sniper,

We'll pass it along. Need good stuff like that to promote the community as long as they avoid portraying us as bad, mad dogs or something :)


Lucky. Wonder he didn't tumble & bust his beany :(


I got to meet the guy who built the boats that were on CSI miami at the River Ranch airboating Jamboree this past year. They do build a nice boat!

I hope it's their boat cause' they really are fast and awesome boats.


Yeah they do pretty stupid things, my son watches it. They will probably give us fighting to keep airboating alive a bad image. Where'd ya find the download?

Basket - Well I can only hope that everyone involved was part of the MTV production crew, otherwise I would have expected alittle country justice. But I know that a certain TX airboat builder's son was saying he was helping MTV do a production about airboats. If that is what his effort was, it really made my opinion of him drop to ZERO.

Last thing the world needs is a bunch of dumb idiots that have been watching Jackass buying airboats and thinking of trying similar stuff with the airboats. We will be in the headlines weekly with airboat wrecks.
Hey Yall, MTV has done a couple of things with airboats in them.
I saw that episope of 'viva la bam' with the blue boat w/GPU that showed the guys "acting the fool" runnin through the campsite and the frog mess in the sleeping bag. The airboat footage was short and it didn't leave a good impression.
They also had a big 20+ passenger airboat someone mentioned at the VMA (video music awards) down here in Miami. I only saw the still photos of that one. The Beastie Boys (rappers) were dropped off on the airboat LIMO STYLE outside the entrance to the arena on the Biscayne Bay waterfront.

CSI Miami- 1st season (the airboat you see on the beginning) had a pretty good episode that involved a plane crash over the Everglades. They had some some airboat decent footage in that one. The guy whose boats were used had one of them listed for sale, someone came by to check it out and ended up stealing his old boat and his new one too.
Another episode of CSI Miami-Nothing to Lose, had a couple of airboats from Chuck at Airboat Pros. Nicely rigged fiberglass hulls with 383 stroker motors. The story was a little cheesy but the airboat footage was good.
That blue airboat with the GPU belongs to the person I referred to above. It was on the airboat trader for a while. I like the hull alot, but the actions of the above mentioned driver sort of fit my opinion of him.

Not exactly the best spokeperson for the airboating community.