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I walked out onto a frozen lake in Michigan once where they were ice fishing with the "shanti's" (trying to spell a yankee word LOL-I'm from the South). :scratch:
Just something about cutting a big hole in the ice and putting a big shed over it and then heating the inside of that-that aint right LOL! :violent1:
I bet them boyz needed some clean underwear once that ice drifted 3/4 mile out into Lake Michigan LOL! :slap:


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Had to be very scary !

I was wondering if the rescue boats were the ones DynaMarine was building for the U.S. Coast Guard ?

They had a big contract to build some USCG Rescue Airboats back 4-5 years ago to be used in that region.

Thank God for a cell phone and airboats in that situation !


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I'm amazed they didn't catch onto the use of airboats for rescue in that environment till 10-20 years ago?
Didn't show the boat did it, (unless it was hidden in the article)?