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Airboats with Windshields and Cabs

Wild Bill

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starting to think about my next hull and it would be great to see some pictures of cold climate boats that have cabs or a windshield. I don't know if I will do a dual driver station or not as I do like the visibility of being up high however at least windshield near the front for passengers and windbreak/windshield for rear side by side driver. I recall seeing some pics however did a search and wasn't real successful. Thanks again!


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This help? or do you want more?








Bob Burnside

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This boat has a heater, defrosters, zip up cover, 8000# winch, windshield wipers, sprayer system. This boat is a 18x8 and ran dry ground.


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Just bought this boat with a nice cab on it. Shipping it up to AK on the 8th of April.
Should be a great moose/bear hunting machine.


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Doodle Bug

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I can not ware enough clothes to keep me warm when running for two or three hours @ < 40*f so I went to a windshield and added heated seats and steering. I know they did make a 12v hot water heater for making coffee on the run.

If you plan on adding a windshield I recommend use a high angle if possible, a flat surface to the wind will kill performance.


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For those interested in adding a front windshield, we have the triple front window design that can be bolted or welded on any existing boat. Also have a walk-thru windshield that's done the same way. It's bent out of one piece of aluminum and looks really clean.


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Last year I called, sent emails, contact form on their site, Facebook msgs trying to get a price on a boat. Not so much as a peep back, is dyna still in biz?


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A few weeks ago we were out in Potts watching Shane do a final hull test and tune on a new Revo they were delivering to Central Florida.
He was talking about some new hulls being built and appeared to be doing well.


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My Winter Hunting Mini


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