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aircraft fuel

if u run regular gas u will need to add octane booster to it. It will run better on av gas
The Lycomings need lead and octane. I only run 100LL. It has the lead, the octane, and a stabilizer. The engine runs much cooler and I've never had it go bad. Use the AirNav link to save $ on fuel costs. Just my $.02
I would at least recommend that you run a a lead additives when using auto fuel. It helps out on the valve and seats of an aircraft engine. If you have a high compression motor you may even want to back off on the ignition timing if you really want to run auto fuel.

AV Gas is for air cooled engines. Auto Fuel is for cars with radiators. Car gas in A/C motors builds up a lot of carbon on the valves, And increases cylinder head temp, which leads to detonation,run on, and a motor breaking up when it is run hard. It will work, but I don't suggest it.