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Alachua County


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Lot of talk on here on the intent of the Alachua County plan for Airboats.
I attended some of the early meetings concerning Water Use Zoning, and though the deal right now is noise, the real meat of the matter is rereational water use in gerneral.
The only reason the county did not put airboat and other boating restrictions in place years ago is because of the non-standard signs that were in place.
In case anyone has noticed, all the low speed, no-wake signs have been removed from Cross Creek and the lakes, because they did not meet state standards. The County lawyer said at the first meetings that prior to making any restrictions enforceable, standard waterway restriction signage would have to meet state standards. That is exactly what the grant is going to be used for.
If you check the FWC site they talk about several counties that have already made these changes.
My big concern is that the county is going to restrict boating rights and areas where they can run, so the only thing legal will be Kayaks and canoes, and then only with rainbow coalition tree huggers in them.