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Alaska Adventure (Not airboat related)


Hey Y'all,

Hope I'm not breaking any rules, just wanted to share with you lower 48ers some of the stuff we do in the spring. BK and I haven't had a chance to get the airboat out yet. Hopefully next week. The rivers went out and it's clear sailing but time is the issue. Seriously, I hope I'm not violating any rules. This was such a great time, just wanted to share with you guys. Hope you enjoy...




MOD EDIT: I embedded these so everyone can watch them right here on SA without
having to go to You Tube. Hit EDIT on your post to see how I did it below each
of the links you posted. Great stuff man..........Scotty


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very nice and no you are not breaking any rules, welcome to SA and post away, I be heading up there in August for 1st time to chase sheep so great to see the view and folks having great time, I going steal your "To old for manual labor" quote :D :D :D