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Alligator downgrade

I just got the report yesterday from FWC. I was very surprised at some of the findings. I agree that the last thing you need to do is let a homeowner try and kill a gator. The other item I was surprised at was the finding that the cost of licenses were to Low!!!!!! (Unless I read that wrong.) I will try and figure out a way to post the report.
CFTH, I was amazed on how the tree higgers got in there and put there 2 cents in. They did not hold back.

Looks like the guys that go out and keep the neiborhoods safe from gators are getting alittle heat. Wow, I can not believe someone would rather see alligators in their community killen dogs and kids. They seem to have little value for human life.

One large report. It will be interesting on the changes that will be made.

One more night to hunt!!!!!
The ones that are getting the heat is the ones sitting in those seats in Tallahassee. They keep our hands tied when it comes to letting us decide what Gators need to come out or not. If they would let us git-r-done things would be alot better off. It is all money, money, money that's all they are concerned about. I have been bitten several times and spent thousands of dollars keeping infections out of my body. The hospitals will sure be getting alot more business. Terrible Terrible decisions are being made. The fees for the license will also be raised watch and see. The tree huggers made sure of that.
Yah it is funny that every hunter I know of complains about the price. Yet they are talking about raising them. On the other hand it sort of sad to see that only approx. 650 people participated and apparently so many of them non-hunters.

Deepsea you are right only one more night left. I hunted last night and it looked like a damn runway on the St. Johns. I can only imagine what it will look like tonite. We shall see. Fortunately I was able to kill 1 or 2 :lol: