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Also Need Area 3A info.


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I'm planning a trip down to Area 3a on April 21st with a friend of mine. But neither one of us have ever run that area before. Any info that ya'll could give me would be greatly appreciated.

1. Where's the best place to put in?

2. Do we need permits to run there?

3. Most scenic areas?

4. Water in the trails that time of year?

5. Any areas to avoid.

6. Any other part of the glades that would be better at that time?
First time regestered in , but long time site reader. I am from naples and have never run 3a. I would love to be able to share in the ride also, but all info is always helpful. For any other readers, i dont have to wait until then if anybody is going out one of these weekends, and i could tag along . Thanks Not sure how this is going to come out once i hit the send button. so please be patient with my forum skills.
Send a pm to ab4fun, he and several others have great knowledge of the area and I would suggest going with someone who knows the area. we just had a group ride down there and it was awesome. No permits needed. Bring everything you need no services down there. I know if you do research in the a/b ride area they posted all the gps numbers for the various sites down there. Have fun it is the best riding area.

BTW...please don't change the username unless it's gonna be frawgballs :lol:

I think 3A is the best area, (but I've also never been to area 2). The 41 mile marker boat ramp on the "Alley" looks like this right now...

:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :sad2:

Sure hope by April there's water there or we're all in trouble! A lot of nice folks out there, lot to see too. No permit to run most of it just don't go over the clearly posted boundrys of the indian land, (been told they can own what you used to own).

Lotta good info in this thread here that might help ya'll: http://www.southernairboat.com/phpBB2/v ... everglades

Hudsfarm, Welcome to Southern Airboat :cheers: I left Naples after living there 23 years due to due to a health reason called immigrantitus :D Good to see more folks from Naples on the site finally. Ya'll got battle going on down there too that need to be fought, here's one!
http://www.southernairboat.com/phpBB2/v ... everglades

The Airboat Association of Florida is another fine group of airboaters you might want to check out down there.
:wave: Seeya, I gotta go infiltrate a tree hugger group and make some friends :twisted:

Always looking for an excuse to ride. I am in no way as experienced as Randy (airboat4fun) on the area but I can find the main fun spots. Keep in touch as to when you are coming over this direction would love to hook up.
Last weekend I put in at holiday park if you run the most northern air boat trail that heads west you are OK. I took it out to no tell motel about 8 to 10 miles had a great time!

anything i can do to help call me i live about three miles from holiday park

Shawn Meiman
Thanks Basketcase,

That picture spoke volumes. I'm thinking that it would be wise if I make that trip for the first time with someone that knows the area. Especially when the water is down that low. I'm taking my wife and my daughter with me and don't wanna take any gambles with them.

I think we're gonna go to Loughman that weekend instead. What is the best time of year to run down there?
Frognutz, If you decide to run loughmans in april Skeeter and I would be glad to show you the river. KR23 should be back in april too he lives here across the lake from us.

Frog - As much as I love Loughman's Lodge - be careful there right now with the water down so low. I'm not sure if you could even get out of the lake right now. If you can, the river is pretty treacherous when it shows it's "black walls". Just ask Bandit.

Lake George is great when the water is low - huge fields of skinny water open up along the southern shores. And the springs there - Silver Glenn and Juniper are the place to hang out!

Maybe that's the plan of the anti airboaters.... Bring in so many people into the state, that they drink up all the water, and all our boating areas dry up!

I hope we get an early season weak hurricane or tropical storm this year. WE NEED THE WATER!!!

Mood, believe it or not there is still water leading out of the bird tower but only a few inches. If we don't get any rain by april it will be dried up again much like it was during the quiet airboat demo last year.There is still some good riding on the river around puzzle lake and lake harney. There is also plenty of water if you ride north towards mullet lake and jessup.

Well, after much consideration I've decided to take Mood's advice and go to Lake George on April 21st. I'll have my wife and daughter with me, so they can lounge around in the springs.

I've never been there before, so I've been looking at the lake on Google Earth. Is Salt Springs a good place to put in? Where do most of the airboaters congregate?

I'm hoping to run into some people from SA there. It would be great to finally meet some of ya'll. I read all of your posts and it kinda feels like I know some of ya already. I'll be the bald guy on a black airboat with a Laser hull and an IO540 Lycoming engine.

Hey Shawn, I'll definitely be coming down to the glades to ride with ya at some point. I'm not sure exactly when yet. I only have three weeks of leave and a thousand honey-do's piled up.

Geneva, thanks for the invite. I'd love to meet you and KR23. Definitely need to get over to Loughman's when the water gets back up.
Hey any time! 8 of us have a house across from lake George on 19 about 4 miles from saltsprings. We have talked about running the lake for a long time. Please let me know how things go I was out in 3a this weekend still some water but who knows by the 21st of April.

I was out in 3A on Fri. It was down even from 2 weeks ago. I went on the same run I went on about the middle of March and the water was down I would say 6" from then. I went from Holiday Park to No Tell and then to Crossroads Camp. It was fun but I would be careful west of Miami Canel.
JR, I wish I could, buddy. We've already got our rooms booked and everything planned. Some other friends of ours are trying to get free that weekend to go with us and I really don't wanna change everyone's plans.

I've never been down there on my airboat, but I always thought that Ten Thousand Islands was in the national park boundaries. I really wanna get down there and do some exploring.

Thanks for the invitation, though.