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Aluminum hull questions


Hello all I am new to aluminum hulls I have one I believe to be an old air gator 11x7 my questions are

It only has 3 stringers. Is this a problem?

It has a hole in the polymer I’m gonna buy some new polymer What kind? Where’s best place to buy it?

Can I re use the old holes in the hull for the Poly?

Is there anything I should do to the bottom while I have the poly off?

I know it’s a bunch of questions thanks in advance
I got my poly from polymer systems llc. UHMW black and the cheapest I've found. You'll save even with shipping costs.
What I did was clean the bottom up real good, strap the poly down where i wanted it, started from the center and worked my way out using the existing holes. Got on top, countersink the holes and drop bolts. Lots of up and down but eventually got it. No problems using the existing holes. And i did it during the summer to make sure the poly was nice and hot. It seemed to help with expansion and movement. Hope that helps.