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Aluminum Rigging question?


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Hey ya'll,

Canefan really wasn't a canefan his whole life was he?

Awwwww c'mon Basket, have you seen me? I crap bigger than that guy.
He looks like Forest Gump. "That's my boat", "her names Jenny"
I don't believe canefan has that boat any longer, have you seen that one he has now :shock: Haven't looked at it except for the header and picture gallery, what a nice boat. Give us some specs Canefan, I'd like to make one like your new one myself :D
That's what I'm talkin about, Scooter. As far as I'm concerned the man is a boater.

Wonder if that little rig would suport one of those 24hp Kohlers with a belt drive and ....... Hmm :wink: .

Yer rite BF and if i had seen a cooler strapped to that (boat) i might call him a future airboater :lol: :lol: . it's been a few year's but i still remember day's when i looked out over the water wishing i could be out there. this fella must live by the marine corp. credo IMPROVISE ADAPT AND OVERCOME :lol: :lol:
Wade, if this is the boat your refering to it is a 12' X 7' Palm Beach style hull built by Donny Grice for Bob Hosier who lives in Buckhead Ridge. Buckhead Ridge is on the north shore of Lake Okeechobee just a bit west of Okeechobee City. Bob rigged the boat himself, and put a 180hp Lycoming engine and Askey mini paddle wood prop on it. This boat and trailer built by Bob Hosier was his dream boat and I am proud to now own it. Bob and my Dad airboated together for as long as I can remember and a part of both of them is with me everytime I take this boat out. Thanks for asking Wade.
Now THATS a ride ! CaneFan do you perceive any difference in the effectiveness of the double and single rudders??

The Bear dreams on.......

Back to Doha Monday morning at 0700.

Believe cowboy runs a single rudder on his ride. It looks cool with one rudder I think. Seems to me it would handle better, But don't really know. I do know that those type of boats look very cool :D
I don't think it makes much difference in the steering department but in cross winds the smaller rudders don't try to push the stern around as much. I personally prefer the larger single foil rudder like the one on Woodspussy. I just like that look.