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Just a heads up to the Patriots and outdoors-man on here that we should expect the ammunition shortages to be continuing. It appears there is a perfect storm brewing to cause major shortages. If you hunt and need ammo GET IT NOW! The manufacturers are in a position where they are having to decide their direction. The assembly lines are normally reconfigured to produce the seasonal hunting runs in the summer months. However with the extreme demands for defense ammunition many are either caught in a re-tool or have elected not to produce the seasonal runs opting for filling the high demand defense orders.

My contact is in the retail industry for a major company Pro-2A and he said that their being told it may get worse because of issues with copper mining. There have been mining stoppages in both the U.S. and South America which has created material shortages that effect domestic ammunition production. Labor disputes over wages.

Another issue is a high percentage of gun powder is made in Australia I am told and the wildfires that ravaged that country recently shut down production and export.

Couple that with the copper issue and a record demand demand and you see my concern.

Supply will be thin and prices will be huge! `

The Russian / Baltic made stuff may still be around but costly I predict.

That really sucks!

I’m glad that I’m stocked up with both factory ammo and reloading components, plus plenty of powder.
When I first saw the title of this thread my dyslexia kicked in, so I rushed out and bought 200 gallons of Aviation fuel. Once I read the whole thread my heart rate slowed back down, but I was still glad I bought the Aviation fuel :cheers:

I'm good on ammunition, made my last big ammo purchase 3 years ago and I'm still well stocked. Biggest issue I have is keeping the boxes taped up cause it don't take a whole box of shells to fill the freezer.


I have an older ammo stash that I will never use or trust. Ill trade it all for a good knife or dog, send pictures of boat.
A buddy of mine that visits from up north every so often made the knives, I think he gets the blanks as a kit and then makes the handles. The first time he went out hunting with me he showed up with a bow and was really looking to kill a hog. I told him that thing would just get wrecked on my buggy, just bring a knife, we'll get a hog. He was converted after that hunt.

I had the sheaths made by a guy that does leather work from his home in Port St. Lucie (Ron Brasfield, (404) 375-5726). I trade him tanned gator hide for leather work. Ron does a lot of work for the "Cos Play" folks, so his work is a bit over the top. The back side of the sheaths is full of detail.


They make cool display pieces, a bit over the top for me to drag around in the woods, I prefer the smaller Winchester sheath knife in the field, it is much more practical.