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An Airboat Legend has passed on


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Bud touched many lives so much, way beyond what words can even describe, I, myself am at almost a complete loss of words at this point. It was so much of an honor to meet such a humble man, yet who you could tell by that little twinkle in his eye that back in the day, he was someone who you would not only have been thrilled to meet, you would have had to have been friends with. I was sooo looking forward to hearing some of his stories that I'm sure he could just put to life with words, and while that won't be able to happen now, the memory of him will certainly live on in all of our lives. I know I have been changed by Bud and Mrs. Nancy as I know more than a few of you have as well. Rest in Peace Bud, We're gonna miss our "Angel of the Everglades", but we know that God has another job for you to do now.

:cry: :cry: :cry:


Slide on easy through the Heavenly Light Bud.

You sure made it count.
You were a blessing to us all.
To some, and Angel of Mercy.

To me, you were a True Gladesman.
A Special Place has been prepared for you.

I give Thanks for the time I had knowing you.
I give Thanks for the opportunty we all had to touch Bud's life also.

Slide on easy Bud.
Slide on.

glades cat

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It was a privilege to know you Bud.
Where you are there is no sadness.
Enjoy the company of the Lord.
Those of us that remain will surely miss you.
Miss ridin to the swimmin hole with ya.

Heartfelt condolences to Nancy and the family.

Rick Sanda and family.


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Truly a sad :( :( day in the airboating world. As all have stated a legend was lost here on earth, but God has gained one and I'm sure he is slidin and glidin with him in that sky. Rest in peace Mr. Bud and may god bless Mrs. Nancy and her family for standing by such a true hero in our day. Rest in peace sir and god bless.


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hey bullfrog i prayed to all my family up there and you are gonna get a BIG WELCOME AND A HAND SHAKE. from all of my family up there as well as all the fellow airboaters that have passed on as well as the airline passengers that new you were there to save there lives but couldnt quite hold on long enough they will be there to say thank you for the loved ones that you rescued and the effort you gave with no thinking of the harm that could have been imposed on you..i know that there is a special place in heaven for airboaters.and the feast and a mansion fit for only the best king.the crystal sea in heaven awaits you bullfrog so you can ride and never stop.


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A sad, sad day in the world today.

We want to extend our deepest sympathy to Buds family & friends. We never got to meet Bud & Nancy but have had the pleasure of hearing & reading about his life here & in the Glades. He was truely a legend for so many people. He will surely be missed by a great group of people.

We are sure God has some plans for "Bullfrog Bud"!

Blow - Blow Heaven's Wind
Calling to you like a long lost friend

God Bless,
Bob and Sharon Ombres


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Very touching. My heart goes out to the one who are greaving. never met him but felt like i did. I'm glad we did somthing instead of wishing we did. By Bud :(

Daddy Dave

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T & I send our thoughts and prayers to Bud's entire family...including those here on SA who adopted him and took him into their hearts and lives. It's a huge loss to many. Sniper, John C, Cowboy and many others made Bud's life and story part of the living history of airboaters and Gladesmen...our lives will forever be richer for Bud Marquis being brought into them. I'm certain Our Lord needs a Gladesmen to rescue a few lost souls. Slide On, Bud.


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Great man that did a great unselfish act on Dec 29, 1972. He worked tirelessly through the night trying to save as many people that he could from the crash. Truly a hero in his own rights. "GOD BLESS YOU BUD!"



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Our prayers to his family. He was blessed to have many special people and friends in his life - first through his heroic acts so many years ago and later through the efforts of so many fellow airboaters.

We lit a prayer candle for him to light his way to heaven where he will surely be greated with welcome arms and we hope maybe him and Steve can have time to talk and ride in heaven together.

Laurie, Jeff



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I`m very sorry for the loss,RIP bud. My prayers and soro go out to Nancy for this will be a very trying time for that poor women,May god be with her and there family and guide them through the pain and heart ach :angel7:


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It's not what you take when you leave this world,
It's what you leave behind.
Very few of us could ever hope to leave the
legacy left behind by Buddy, Although the pain
of bud's passing is tough on us all, and of course
the family and Mrs. Nancy the most they can
find comfort in knowing that Buddy left an
incredible mark on this world.a status held by
very few.
I dont think I have ever been so touched by
ones passing that I had never met, and will
now have to wait till on the other side of
them pearly gates to shake Buddy's hand.
God bless and keep his family,
The pain of loss will be overcome in time
by good memories, and many thanks to
Mrs. Nancy and the family for sharing him
with the rest of us.
Look forward to seeing you on the other side
one day Bud.


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Are there services? what are the arangments? i do not want to boather the Bud family. How do i get info? i would like to attend the funeral dos any one no what the plans are?


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a very sad time for many. please keep us posted on arrangments and needs of nancy. godspeed bud. :(


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I spoke to Don today. (Buds son) As for now the word is the services will be closed. Family only for now. I'll let you know if I hear more.