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An Airboat Legend has passed on


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I wish I would have known him a little better than I did. I'm sure he had some great storys to tell. Nothing better than hearing some of the old stories from a old Gladesman. I will remember you forever. RIP


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So sorry to hear the bad news. Prayers for Bud and his family.

Im sure he will be watching us from above over the Glades...


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You know if the Cops find out that it was a Mugging,there just might be a Security Law suit there.JMO

Quoted from Miami Herald:

On the night of Oct. 21, 2008, Marquis went to the Florida City Wal-Mart and suffered injuries that led to his death. Something happened to him in the parking lot. ''We don't know if he was mugged or run over or if he fell,'' Nancy Marquis said.

With six broken ribs and a head injury, Marquis refused medical care and drove himself home. He was rushed to a hospital, where he remained in the intensive-care unit until his death.

''Doctors said his injuries looked like those of someone who might have been mugged, but he still had his wallet in his pocket,'' his widow said. She said Florida City police told her they were still investigating.


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Thank You to all of you for everything please keep me informed on any upcoming events I would love to be a part of anything you guys do. It is always a pleasure to be around all of you . R.I.P grandpa I will alwys love you and miss you. You are my hero forever...........Kristal Marquis.....

Okeechobee Cur

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Love and Prayers you will be missed by so Meany ride free in the clouds above may God take your hand and guide you to your resting place


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I am sorry to hear that ! Things always happen for a reason and we dont like them most of the time ! But one thing i do know ! MOST OF YALL TOUCH HIM LIKE HE TOUCH YALL ! YOU GIVE HIM BACK SOMETHING THAT HE NEEDED AND WANTED AND HE GAVE YALL SOMETHING YALL WONT FORGET ! HIS RESPECT AND HIS LOVE ! HEROS NEVER DIES ! HE IN EVERY ONE OF YALL ! THANKS YALL !