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Any ideas whet this is?


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It seems I saw a post quite a while ago about parts for one of these gear boxes, though I can't seem to find it. It has no writing or markings on it anywhere. Anyone know what it is? I'm looking to post it for sale.


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yours kinda looks like a precision without the bell housing adapter

It does look a bit more like that one. Had a couple people say it looks like a Bill Roberts, but that pic above doesn't look anything like it. I have also been told it looks like a homemade box made for a drag car. Wish I could find the thread the other guy posted about it, see if he ever figured it out. I've gotta figure out what gear ratio it is and what it's worth. I'd be willing to let it go at a good price, but don't want to get reamed on it. My buddy at Lake Seminole who has cancer and isn't doing well for traded it and a 78-80" 8 blade warp drive for my old sig prop because he can't afford the gas. Gonna give him whatever I can get out of the gear box and use the money for the warp to pay for the blades to be refurbished.