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Anyone in south Fl recognize this boat? Need some help.


I am finishing up a project boat. The limited knowledge or rumors I have heard is Elite built it or at least the motor. I don’t know who put the rest of the package together, but it was told to me that it never ran right. We go it with an erratic lean pop. Thought the sniper just needed to learn. 30 minutes later, we lost an engine. A year later, it’s all rebuilt and we’ve gone through everything we could think of, but we’re back to a bad tune (or appears to be). I’m just looking for any info like “they tried this or that”, or “I worked on that boat and this needed to be done”, etc. just hoping for a little insight to not spend the next 6 months chasing things someone else did.
I ask here cause no way someone built all this in their garage as a one off. This boat must have taken some collaboration.

It’s a Jason wolf hull, a PE90 cont with 520 conversion,procharger, gearbox, 78” prop, Holley sniper efi, and pacemaker ignition.


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