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apache hull

Sorry that I don't have any facts to tell you, but I seem to remember reading a few years back someone on here say that a guy down around okochobee had the mold and was building them. However, I can't recall the name of the man mentioned.

This thread peaked my interest only because the very first airboat I bought was an Apache. It belonged to my friends stepdad and it had sat in the back behind his automotive garage for a decade or longer and I always wanted it. When I was 16 I caught him on the right day and he sold me the hull , and full metal works for 75 bucks. He wanted 1500 for the Continental 4cyl that was on it. I don't know what model the engine was but he said it was a "100hp Continental". I was just a dumb 16 year old and wanted an airboat so I bought what I could afford, which was a 75 dollar hull. Anyways I wish I still had it. Good luck.
I just did a quick search found this info that Rick posted a while back:


Apache Airboats
502 NE 6TH AVE
(941) 763-2326

Hope this helps some, it about all I could find for ya.