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Silent Prop
R. I. P.
Glad ya'll had a great ride down south. After working on the boat all day saturday I took Stan and Cheryl out on a ride on lake george. We were breaking ice to get it in the water LOL or shoulda been anyways. Well not really but it was certainly cold to say the least.

Ya'll need to be careful when Stan is on your boat LOL the GAME WARDEN checked us out with binoculars and upon seeing Stan they immediately changed course and came over to us. They were really nice and asked about all of his friends up there because they were low on the ticket quota I guess. LOL

They were aware of the MUFFLER revisions coming or at least the lt. was and now the officer is. They commented on how quiet my boat was. There was not much for them to do that day as we were the only airboat on the lake. even the bass boats were using trolling motors it was so cold.

We had a 20 or 30 minute conversation with the wardens and left them checking bow fishermen in silver glen spring run. It was a very cool trip and quite cold as well LOL.
hey cntry,you forgot to mention how the water was down ,lake george is alot more fun when the water is down and theres very little wind,sorry about your introduction to tanya realy didn't think she would have been out on a cold morning like sunday ain't the first time she suprised me ,Iguess like us she needs to make a living also she did say that runing puzzle lake was her favorite. I also was very suprised on how quiet your boat was cheryl and i could carry on a converstation whilest you were cruisin about the lake.
cntry141iq":p742kbu7 said:
They were aware of the MUFFLER revisions coming or at least the lt. was and now the officer is. They commented on how quiet my boat was.

IM curious what you have done to quieten your boat, care to give us some ideas as to what has worked for you?

Whitebear I don't mind tellin you but I have a system that retails for about 750.00 The details are over in the sound section on here I believe if not let me know or if you pm jim he will pull it up for you easier than I can. I also briefly added a shroud around the prop which helped for sound off the boat but I didnt do a full wrap around so it resonateed insid ethe boat which was louder for people on the boat. Lots more tyo come on this subject in the near future stay tuned.
Cntry's boat uses a crossover exhaust set up with the flow pro mufflers. He is also turning his prop fairly slow.

Here is some stuff I pulled out of a previous post:


FLO-PRO # 3020 $42.50 ea

Crossover $75.00

I have seen this boat run and it is very powerful and almost ghost like quiet.

Swampjet also uses a crossover exhaust as shown:



Both of these boats have excellent performance and are quiet. In my opinion, if you want to quiet your boat down for a reasonable price the crossover and flowpro are the way to go.

If you want to discuss how to quiet your prop for a reasonable price, that info is also in the sound research section, or I can pull it up again.

I'm going to start a new thread on this subject in the sound research section.