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Area 3 @ the Microwave


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Launched from MM 41 off I75 and went down to the Microwave tower yesterday with my boat (Maddog) and my buddies boat. Took some kids, grilled some burgers and looked at some nice boats....Excellent riding conditions and didnt see the man. Charles
Was out there last Wed. You're right...nice ride, good water level. Do you need a Miccosukee sticker to ride in that area?
Charles I have not been there in years when I get home we need to go for a ride.
glades cat":135z5hpw said:
Do you need a Miccosukee sticker to ride in that area?

A lot of that area is florida water management from 41 to the microwave tower and east. I don't know exactly where the boundaries are but theres a lot of riding room on non indian land. For some reason though I think coming in off 75 you need a sticker.
Last Wed I put at the ramp between L28 & L67, headed north and stopped at a camp for a refreshment. We stayed on the dock, just looking around and a Miccosukee Indian stopped and we talked for a while. He said that was his camp (there was a primitive chikee hut on the head) and that he also has several more in the area. He "welcomed us to his land" and asked that we not leave any trash and enjoy ourselves...very nice guy. He left me unsure as to whether I was on Indian land or Francis Taylor WMA.
Not sure how you go about it if your not in a camp out there. Been asking around myself , someone told me they believe you just needed to contact the missasoukee and fill out an application. I think its quite intensive as far as your information and your history but thats just passing on what I heard. I have access to a guest sticker for now but plan on finding out the facts soon on what a non camp owner/member has to do.
You need to own a camp on the reservation or be a member of a camp on the reservation in order to get a permit to go on there land. Ther is a pretty intensive backround check including fingerprints that you have to go thru before you become a member.