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Area 3A South water dropping steadily


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:rebel: Does any body know if they are still pumping water out, at the rate it is going down there will be no water in December. Is this going to be new norm :dontknow: :rebel:
:rebel: Pontoon we usually have water into late January early February but its not looking good this year . :rebel:
yeah we usually have water later than this too in Brevard county.. during archery season there was plenty of water & in 4 wks it's totally gone..nothing but river or lake riding now..no marsh at all
http://w3.saj.usace.army.mil/h2o/reports/r-wca3.html doesn't appear they are pumping, but it hasn't really been raining.
Scotty1 said:
:rebel: I guess that would depend on what the NR stands for not read or what. :rebel:
All the discharge values are 0, except for s150, but I don't know where that is. The ones that flow south s333, s12, etc are all closed according to them. But, I only remember it raining two times in the last couple weeks around here, so I'm sure its evaporating.
The water is low but not too low, I would dare to say just right. I Ran from 40 Mile bend on Tamiami Trail up to the tower and on to the Rez land just below 75. Some of the trails pushing east and west are lightly patchy at worst and most if not all of the North south trails have plenty of H20. I ran the tight cypress trails as well as grass trails on the east side of the cypress line. The Trails just outside the cypress line were deep enough to need my trim tab. I have a 14' boat with an Iron block 383 stroker, not exactly a small boat and I never needed a drop of HP to get through good sliding.... Ill chirp you on 68 Its always good to put a face to a name. If you didn't know there are also a few Indian tour boats that run from 40 Mile Bend and they are some good folks they are on 72, too much chatter on 68... Frogs were thick again...
:rebel: SWAMP FEVER TG was down there this last weekend and he said the double landing had plenty of water and that there were people running around out there. :rebel: if you go down let me know i am up on cape cod trying to clean out my mother an law house so we can get it on the Market. :rebel:
Screenshot_20190521-020431.pngI was out this last Friday morning and it was great riding. I went from the 35 ramp (Ally) all the way to the swimming hole (tower) and hit no dry (I have a heavy boat). The average depth was a few inches. I did bump the rocks getting into the canal at the tower at an idle. There was pretty much no water behind the rocks at the swimming hole and the water wasn't moving. IMO it's great riding right now.