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area3a mm35 ramp PHOTO


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Alright. My apologies to the modem users and those who have smaller
sized monitors. But I just HAD to post these photos!

I'd suggest typing hard returns if anyone wants to post here...
Threads with large images in them tend to screw up the
way text displays.

My intent with this thread is not to get a ton of replies, I'm not going to
talk thrust or anything. LOL But this photo just does not look right when
shown smaller.

Here's a photo/map I just made...

Thank You airboat4fun for posting the hand drawn map.

And from my aerial photo service, I can zoom in THIS CLOSE!!!

Awesome Ramp complex. My hat goes off to the state or SFWMD or
whoever got this built.


Realize that this is where the FAA is meeting. The 41 mile marker ramp where Southern Airboat will launch from is to the West, (6 miles). I think that the FAA want to ride North not South where Southern Airboat will ride from.

Awesome Photo, I have been out there once. I had a guy show me some of the camps out there. I am really looking forward to this run.
That's the ramp that Airboat4fun and I put in at it is very nice ramp and easy to get to.
Mood, I like that photo service you have. Neat Stuff. If I had access to that it sure would have saved me many years learning the trails out there.
FYI there are no facilities at MM41, those are picnic pavillions.
Also you can only access MM41 from Alligator Alley Eastbound (I-75 south) there are some ruts where you can make a u-turn from the westbound lanes on the west side of the rest area, but it's challenging pulling your trailer & airboat and I'm not sure it's legal.
Thanks for the info Randy. I've updated the photo.

Any help any can give to help me interpet these aerial images is apprecieated.

Also, Randy comments that in the mm35 ramp-o-rama super-plex image, note there
is a small trail on the south side of the highway, heading east then south-east off the Miami
Canal. This trail is overgrown and blocked by hurricane downed trees.

Thanks for the recon!

I'm confused here... About these mile markers.

On my big map, I see 3 series of ramps. the far eastern one the ramps are staggered
a quarter mile or so and one on the north & one on the south side of the road.

The middle ramp (Which I've been calling the mm35 ramp) is the large complex of
ramps with all ramps reachable from either side of the road.

The west ramps are staggered again, and only accessable from one direction or the
other. This one I know is the mm41 ramp.

But I saw mention of a mm38 ramp. Is that the large ramp complex? If not, what is the
mm# for the far eastern (small) ramps - the first ones west of the toll plaza?

Help me out! I want to be accurate with my map labels!!!


Here you go from East to West...
the first 2 that are close together (North & South) are both mm 31
the BIG ones in the middle are mm 35-Miami Canal
the next one on the North side is mm 38
and just a little further on the South side is mm 41
I hope this clears things up.