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Artistic rudder wrap


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Just wondering if anyone out there has ever used a vinyl artistic wrap on there rudders. Like the wrap they use on stock cars? I know it sticks to a stock car doing 200 mph. Any advise?
Get with Painterchic. Tonya is a master. And, yes, the vinyl does very well on rudders. Hulls too.
i did min back in 2017 and they look just as good today as the day they got done. I gave up trying to get painterchick to do it. I know you guys love her but she blew me off. anyways lots of wrap guys can do it for you. just find someone local to you and ask.

How about a round about figure to have them done and do you make up the design at there shop on a machine or how does that work
Thanks Aeon, yours looks great. I like it. I am also wondering.... like Scotty1 . The cost and where you got yours done and how you pick out the image you want? Any help would be apricated.
Typically, you start with an idea, then the person who will be doing the vinyl can computer generate whatever you want and print it out on vinyl. As for price, it can vary. Im sure there are plenty here who can tell you what they paid, but you'll have to call someone who does it to nail down your price. I've known Painterchick for some time. She stays busy, but is considered one of the very best in the business. Can't go wrong there!
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Mine has been on the rudder for right at three years. Holds up well.
Semper fi!
I had mine done back in 2009. Still looks good and no peeling.
...I don't know how to put a picture. It's in the gallery.
Call Painterchic.


Thanks radtech, fhp6 and Glades Cat. They all look great. I appreciate all the feedback. Now I will try and find a place close to me and do some research. Thanks again.