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AVGas in Broward County

Got some bad news for the aircraft guys, it looks like Sunoco on 27 has now closed up both AvGas pumps, :angry5: :angry5: I stopped by there today to ask what was going on, the person I spoke to said the rumor is they are doing away with it all together and converting the tank for something else. I don't know the details as to why they would do this :scratch: , but it seems to me they had a real niche market there, I'm surprised they would want to lose all of those customers. I know it sucks for me that that place was right on the way to the ramp for me...

So I'd like to know where others are getting their Avgas at, does anyone know of anything west of 75 and as far south as Doral off 27?

I'm aware of the Chevron on Weston road and 75, but that place can be a real zoo and seems to be pretty expensive. Perry airport offers it but it's a bit out of the way for us guys out west.


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Apparently from what the Sunoco manager told me he has no control over what grades and types of fuel he sells. They recently swapped out his race fuel pump for E-85 which he said does not sell. Now they are switching out the Avgas pumps for who knows what. The Miccosukee service station on I-75 no longer sells Avgas but the one on 41 still does. Options are limited but fuel is available at all the airports and at most of them for lower prices.