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Back Seat Driver


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Which is better, having the driver in the front seat, or in the rear?

Just curious if anyone has any ideas about what makes one better (or worse) that the other.
depends on what you do with your boat and how big it is among other things .i prefer rear driver , i can keep an eye on my passengers in front and an eye on whats going on with the drive train. The wife likes to sit beside me also.I had a front single driver and a two man rear, wife was allways slappin me up side the head now I just get it in the arm.
I like rear driver so I can see my passengers and what they are doing also. I have not found it a hinderance to frogging in fact it makes it easy for the passenger to assist when one jumps outta the chute. also it is a factor with the weight distrubution.

I have seen Stan get it for aggressive driving ... it was a good thing she was beside him instead of behind him LOL I believe I have it on a movie.
Strictly from this womans viewpoint: While riding behind the drivers seat does have it's advantages..... (providing the driver is one special man) such as.....getting to rub his shoulders, lean forward and whisper in his ear, feel the brush of his ponytail against your face, sneak lots of hugs and kiss from behind all the way back to the ramp..... (especially after a thrilling night's gator hunt) I still prefer to ride beside the operator. When you ride up on something special to look at- you both see it at the same time--just feels better.

Now, if I were captain of the boat, I would want to have all passengers sitting in the front. That way I could stay more in touch....as in seeing the flying hats, sunglasses, etc. etc. and make sure they didn't get in my prop. Then I could shout out orders (like a certain captain I know) "get that s**** off the floor of my boat!" :lol: Just my opinion
Bohawg i prefer to drive from the front but i went to rear drive when my kid's started riding it's easier to keep my eye on them but i guess it depend's on your'e like's and situation
I prefur front seat drive and as far forward as possible. Ever try to frog out of the back seat? LOL


Front seat for me! Got an eagle eye on the stumps and fence posts!

Woodswoman, Almost too much info! What happened to the boat you were looking at?

Jeff, it was a "no go" Not the right one. Heading over to Hernando this morning, look at a couple more. Attend the Citrus County Club meeting. I have always admired the good work that club does!
Woodsmoman, Sounds like a great way to ride. But I thought I might put the stick in the middle, (no pun intended) or foot steer for both side by side rear so my special lady can learn to drive with no worries. You have my hopes up as to what else can happen on the ride and I hope it's not just a slap on the head. I just remember one time she pulled me out on one ski and when I cleared the water from my face we were heading for the beach. Dole fin helped that since but I would like something like dual controls.
I rather have front driver specialy when i am alone also prefer my boat
12 ft or shorter and as light as it can be. been stuck to many times in
big airboats. small light airboats you can stop when ya run out of trail
and if need be get out and musle turn her around and get back out a there
before ya get good and stuck. my apache boat will turn around in aprox 6 foot stompen on the gas hard rudder it never been stuck in her with slick um on the bottom course i still avoid the mud.