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Barhopper what kind of snake...

Root Pass

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What kind of snake did you find in your Red fish? And were you fishing out of


I can't see it very good, but it doesn't look like a cottenmouth, looks like maybe a banded water snake. Sometimes they are so dark you can't hardly see any bands. The head really doesn't look like a cottenmouth. JMO. Later, Cajun
Maybe it's a python in disquise, they've figured out they're wanted down south so they're making a run for the border!
That might be a mistake for them.
Cajun lives up there someplace..... I'm not sure if they'll make it past his place.

They seem to be easy money for him.
More power to ya Cajun!
It was a rat snake I believe. I know that it wasn't a water moccasin or any other kind of poisonious snake. The funny thing was that we caught another fish that had a 4 to 5 inch snake in it that had just the tail sticking out. When we took the hook out we saw the tail and pulled it out. Makes me wonder if walking around the edge of the creeks is such a smart thind to be doing
bravo1218":3mxnrypl said:
looks like a dead snake to me
Best kind. :wink:
Looks like some sort of constrictor, maby one the fish are feeding on the Pythons & Boa's loose in the 'glades. 8)