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Need to know how to get there from Arcadia , all the map keep sendin me to east side of krome ave. please help would like to go. :?


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if you come east on 41 the tamiami trail its about 4-5 miles before you get to US27 aka Chrome Ave. If you come across the alligator alley 75, after the toll on the miami side get off on US 27 South, take this to US 41 aka 8th Street aka Tamiami Trail turn right HEADING WEST 4-5 MILES IT WILL BE ON THE LEFT SIDE YOU CAN'T MISS IT. see you there w/ a cold beer.

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Are you talking about the BBQ on the 12th at Kiss? If so come up to 60 (from either 17 or 27) and head East. When you get outside of Lake Wales it will be a couple of miles and you will see a sign for a road called Boy Scout Rd. Take a left on it and follow it to the end. Then take a right on to Camp Mack Rd. This will dead end into Camp Mack.


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The BBQ is at the AAOF club grounds located 7 miles west of Krome Ave on US 41/ SW 8th Street Miami. Look for the Australian Pine trees on the south side of the Hwy and your there.

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Coming from the North on I-95, the easiest way I've found to get to the AAoF campground is to stay on 95 until you get to 826 West.
Take 826 West for a few miles and you'll go around a very long curve to the South, at which point it becomes 826 South. Take that to the
Hwy. 41, Tamiami Trail exit, turn right, and head dead West for about 20 minutes and you'll be at the intersection of Old 41 and Krome Ave.

The Miccosukee Casino will be across the intersection on your right, or you can continue straight ahead for another 7 1/2 miles and you'll be
looking at the campground on your left. It really is easy.

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