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Be honest is this too tacky


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A new powder coat came out that glows in the dark! I should have some samples next week. Since I never run from the law at night (ANYMORE) I think this would be very differant or tacky! I could pitcure it going across the lake at 1:00 A.M.
That sounds kinda neat. I could see a couple of Flying Dutchman type ghost airboat reports, especially how quiet your boat will run. Does it have to charge from a light source or is it always glowing?
All the glow in the dark stuff we hard on the ship did not look that good!!!!
The color was always a whitish yellow, very pale. Down right ugly!!!!!!

Have never seen this new stuff!!!!! It could be consider very TACKY.
My 21 and 18 y/o sons would say it's GAY. HEHE

We may not be able to hear you coming, but we dam sure will see you coming across LK Washington.

Can't stop laughing, Dave. You did not ask us not to laugh this time. :D :D :D :p :wink:
LOL uraninum filled DOM????

That would not be tacky at all. I'll bet it needs to be charged though. and even then, it'd be too weak of a glow to notice from across the lake.

What color is it in normal light? Gray? Lime Green?

Do it!!! I want to see it

you only run from the law during daylight hours???


for a show boat it sounds kinda neat I can see the local sheriff's office getting all kinda of UFO reports :lol: :lol:
The flying dutch man now that's funny! I kept thinking of that old movie with Chevy Chase called Modern Times when he got radio active waste on him and he had super powers and glowed. Weird the movie was named Modern Times! I'm getting some samples done to see how it looks!
Hat Thunder maybe it would be cool if that new stuff really works to have a picture of a Ghost or phantom put on your rudders and you could name the boat Swamp Ghost now you see it and now you don't as fast as all your boats are they are like Ghost they disappear real quick.
See that's why I put it up here I knew you guy's would come up with some good ones. My wife just want's me to call it WaterThunder but I'm saving that name for the right boat!
maybe it will scare the yankees off and they wont build on the water.and leave us alone.they seem to be easily scared none of the ones i know will come out to my house after dark because they are scared of the boondocks.
think about it scary quiet boat,bear cans rattling around like sound of chains and good ol boys just having a good time where most of the drunk conversation is wooooah,woooaaah,wooooooooah.sounds scary to me if i did not know better.
Dave, I bought the glow powder and mixed it into the clear coat on a candy blue boat. It was completely transparent in the day but it did glow at night. It worked really good if you hold the Q-beam on it for a minute.
However it didnt continue to glow very long. You have to use a ton of the powder to get the right effect. I'm not sure if it the same stuff as what your talking about but it was out of Canada.

I know I am going to try it again some time. it was fun painting. I charged the powder and sprayed my boat in the dark to ensure the coverage that i wanted.
A fleet of glow in the Dark Airboat to Scare the Yankees off, now theirs an Idea and don't for get the train horn like mood has that will really scare the pants off of them
I already have the train horn my wife bought me one. The boat will have a train horn, CD player, cup holders and killer exhaust. It will be a Silent Ghost!
youll sure have to be on your best behaver in a glow in the dark airboat not to mention the metalwork will have to be perfect . do it dude it will be be like my purple boat during the day sticks out like a sore thumb , also it will be cool hearing about all the UFO sitings on the st johns :lol:
UFO sightings on the St. Johns ........ now that's funny !!

"Honest, officer. This thing was comin down the river and I couldn't hear anything but it must have been goin about 300 miles an hour." :shock: