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Best Caliber for 1911


In terms of excellent calibers for 1911, there is no other choice more perfect than the 9mm. Creating the design is indeed challenging, and it needs a lot of perseverance. So you might wonder what the main reason behind the gun’s success is. As stated before, the structure has to give a lot of credit.


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I have a ruger 1911 in 9mm and it is currently my favorite handgun. Perfectly manageable recoil. Still fits perfectly in the hand. Accurate etc etc. love it.


I only have .45 ACP 1911's, so take this with a grain of salt. Mine are very reliable, and since the .45 ACP and .38 Super were specifically designed for the 1911, I would think they are the most reliable. I bought them after winning on the olg online casino - here is the review https://casinos-rate.com/olg-casino-app.html. They are expensive but good.