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Best hull size for a 520

If you are only going to run 2 people do a 12 foot. If you are doing 3 or 4 people do a 13 footer.

Look at getting a wide bottom, my Alumatech is a wide bottom and it planes at a real low speed compared to the Lazer I replaced. Many hulls are narrow and take more power to plane at low speed. It runs dry better than my old Lazer. It came with poly. Great boat.

Good luck

I have a 14 X 8 Poor Boys w/ 3/16 bottom, 3/8 poly and 3/4 deck over. I have a 520 w/ a 72" NGQ set @ 2.5 and it goes like hell. It will stay on plane at 1500, cruises at 1850 - 2100. It is not a race boat! I use it for fishing around Cedar Key.
how well did it run ground im looking to have a nice quick ride boat 90% of the time its just me going out on it

captrndy thats a slick looking boat you got there
It ran dry really well! It used to be me my wife and infant son then. As long as you didn't put too much weight it was great!
sounds like what im looking for its just me most of the time maybe with the 12x7'6 it will be even better plan on ordering a hamant this weekend i spoke with Chay hamant on the phone what are yalls opinions on the extra t bars that they can weld in the hull?
fanofthesimplelife said:
spoke with Chay hamant on the phone what are yalls opinions on the extra t bars that they can weld in the hull?

I believe that the least mentioned and one of the most important factors in how well a boat will run the hill is rigidity. Not to mention the wear and tear hull flex puts on a rigging. You want her as stiff as they can reasonably make her. The benefit of added rigidity far exceeds the extra weight in the long run.

They know what they are doing, let them recommend the size and spacing, just make sure they know you want her stiff.
]I have two Hamant Airboats one with an O-540 and one with a O-360 both have walk boards both have the extra T bars in the bottom if you run a bunch of dry ground the extra T bars are a no-brainer if you run a little dry ground and and you are not hard on your boat then 5T bars is a plenty my 540 boat is 13‘6“ by 7‘6“ runs dry loaded down with four people ... my 360 boat is 12‘ x 7‘ 4 inches and it runs extremely well also I am building a customer’s boat with a 520 Continental it will be on a 12 foot 7‘4“ Hamant my old boat that I had my 540 on was a 12‘ x 7‘ 6 inch it ran very well hold three people with no problem whatever you decide on one thing is you cannot go wrong with a Hamant
Got a buddy with a 13x8 Alumitec and 5/16 poly with a 520 and SS rigging. His boat runs very well. Light enough for one person to move the nose unless it is in a bind. Fun boat to drive. We have taken it scalloping in the gulf a few times loaded and it still performs good.
I have a 520 on a 13 1/2 foot cottonmouth hull. It seats 4 people and with a full tank (40 gal.) of fuel and a 48 qrt. cooler full of ice and beer, it will climb all over the hill.
Rivets are smooth on the feet / bolted your have nuts on the inside ..... not so smooth on the feet / but then again if you have walk boards who cares..........