Best Lights for Saltwater

Anyone have some suggestions or reviews on some lights that you have used for bow fishing or floundering in Saltwater?
I have been a long time bow fisherman but mainly in fresh water. The lights I have used doesn't seem to cut it. I built a flounder
boat last year and decided to spend the money on the new seelite warm led bars and they suck for saltwater. Pretty much $1000 down
the drain. Also tried the amazon special 50 watts and wasn't too bright and really heavy. Will the regular cool white led bars be too bright? Or
have too much glare?
Light bars aren't going to cut it unfortunately. You've gotta get the flood lights. Try to stay away from teh amazon specials, either go with Southern Lite LED or Seelite bowfishing floodlights.120v or 12v. The 50 watts are fine, we ran those on my brothers mud boat with a platform for a good while, just had 2 12v batteries tied together with 6 of the warm white flood lights and could easily get 6 hours of fishing off of them. The light bars just do not penetrate the water like you'd think (we know), they look great on land but suck on water. Hope this helps
I don’t bow Fish, but I have gigged a lot of flounder and sheepshead. In my experience, water quality has everything to do with it. In the typical murky water we have around here, nothing beats submersible lights and slowing down.

I also make my lights adjustable on the move. That way I can push them deeper and point them at something, then pull them back up and forward or whatever. I use a modified old trolling motor mount. One above water also is nice when it’s clear, but in the pea soup, 2 right above bottom is best.

Fishery standard is still a generator and halogens, but I have been using LED for a few years now and they are a close second.

Jerry’s LED’s makes some damn nice ones.
I agree that the flood LEDs are awesome as stated above but . I have ran cheap 42in light bars x3and 2 4" pods for the corners paid $130.00 for the whole set up and have gigged lots of flounder with that and 2 bats all night . Not as good as halo gens but no gen to lisen to all night not as good as the floods but for $130 you can have a lot of fun and upgrade lights as it's affordable and if you don't end up going out often your not out $1000+ on lights in some cases. Now if its a hobby you end up loving who don't what the best . Money well spent then . Hell when I was a kid we hug lanterns off the boat and had a blast . Technology is a awesome thing tho.
Check this site out. I use the flounder pro 5000 on my flats boat. Work great
Plashlights makes light bars specifically designed for floundering and bow fishing. I run 2x32” on the front and a 12” on each side I want to add another set of 12” for the sides. They are pricy but work really well and have held up extremely well in the salt water and the pounding crossing the bay in POC. They are bright, penetrate the water and very little glare. Link below.
I am ordering a set of these to try them out. The 180 degree wide flood beam plus the amber color should eliminate the glare and work beautiful. Ill let you know how they work for me.