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Best prop setup for maximum low speed towing

I need to setup an 18 to 20' hull for recovery work.
I am looking for advice on the best prop setup for low speed maximum torque for breaking loose and towing grounded boats and small fish camps in medium small grain sand and mud flats.
Max speed or fuel economy is not a concern for this boat, Just the maximum push off thrust and low speed torque possible
I have had 3 and 4 blade conventional drives and one older gear drive 12 or 16 blade warp system on an ls6 i think, it was a number of years ago and they were fleet boats, I felt that the counter rotating system provided a much quicker and powerful initial break away from stand still but we were always concerned with fuel burn and speed.
This boat needs to have the torque curve of an agricultural tractor more or less
You failed to concern us with on board crane? Your going to drag/tow small fish camps or lift them.
Twin engine fatty props, but good amount of info lacking. One motor and prop on 18-20 is outstanding to push it. Not Like outstanding it works great, more like surprised it does!
Tow airboat, with any longevity to what your asking is big money and your here asking so big builders put you in or close to 6 figures?
If your here asking for 18-20 foot recovery boat with no specs to load, your in the right place for wide spectrum of answers?
Any experienced with this need please post up! Just grounded boats and fish camps on medium small grain sand.