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Big News


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I have fantastic news that I thought I would share with my extended Airboat Family.

I have started my Next Generation Airboat Builder. I found out yesterday that we are going to have our first baby. It's a long ways away but we are so excited that I had to tell you guys.
Great news, Faron ...... Congratulations :D .

What was the reaction back in Orange ? Is this the first grandchild ?
Congradulations Faron hopefully there will still be a place to run them when he or she grows up
COngratulations Faron and Wife and immediate family ! Super news !

RICK: Do we have any EX Small shirts hats and Huggies?????

Maybe a SA Bumper sticker for the stroller !

OMG! This makes Tate an Uncle ! Falls down......

We want pictures and periodic updates Faron !

Congrads......you just bought 9 months of designated driving also(I took full advantage of that). Sleep all you can up to the last minute, you will never sleep that way again. BEST part is when they call ya DADA.
congratulations, I just got mine graduated from school and it was a happy and sad day at the same time, you will understand when it happens to you. congratulations again
You know I you last night, you and your wife are going to make great parents. We are here for you.
great news faron and thank you for making all of us feel special by sharing your happiness with us.
Big Thanks to everyone for all the support. We are so excited about our first baby.
I know I can't count on my Southern Airboat Family.

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Scotty, if he's that nervous now I don't even want to see him when they're 6 minutes apart ... :lol: