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Big Rookie

Can Any body set me up with the perfect starter airboat design they can think of. From the size of the Hull to the motor to prop size and everything. I'm trying to get an idea before I go and buy some piece of crap boat and not be happy with it. They've always of my interest and have been around them since a little kid and have been hog hunting all my life and now am stable to build one. Thanks JD
Welcome aboard.Im sure you will be getting alot of ideas.But first off whats your budget like?And how many people are you wanting to carry?
a lot of folks s tart with about a 12' hull with a 220 groundpower on it. It all depends on what you want to do with it and if you want an aircraft engine or a car motor. How big are you and how much gear or friends do you wish to haul and where do you want to take them without them being the extra horsepower to get you out of places you get into. Do you have any friends with airboats that will let you ride with them then you xcan get an idea of what you may want. If not just follow this site and show up at a run we have and introduce yourself and get ready for ride after ride, we are always looking for a reason to burn some gas and what better reason than helpin someone decide on a boat.
I agree with country on the 220 GP, there are plenty of them around and won't cost a fortune to put one together on a 12-13ft. hull. :lol:
Well Eventually the budget won't matter and for my specs I'm 145 and 5'5 and probally me and my dog is about it and maby a passenger every once in a while and yes I would probally want to go with aircraft motor. My dad had a few boats in his past and he is going to help but what the heck I gotta meet people who do this every weekend and. One of his boats had a 6cyl 260 Franklin Helicopter engine on it which was repressurized so it could turn it on its side. 12x7 cottonmouth fiberglass hull out of Haynes City. Also my dad was good friends with Bud Bell who I guess eventually changed from Bell Boats to Panther Airboats if i'm correct so bare with me :lol: But thanks alot and I will Keep in touch. Thanks JD
Sounds like you already had some good advice goin there based on your who's who list. LOL follow your heart and you probably already know there is no perfect boat so just start and it will evolve it's self. Good luck
my advice is to go WIDE. i've always been in 7' boats, now i own a 13 x 8 and i absolutely love it. especially when dealing with drunk passengers or just inexperienced people. two people can stand on the gunnel in the rear of the boat with no problem. not 300 pounders but average 180. really a safe feature on a boat. just my opinion.
Predator Airboats sells a 12'5" Wide Track which is a hell of a boat. Look at his member gallieres. I get 12'5" Wide Track with at least a 220 GPU on it. But its all up to you.