Big Thanks to All

I'm in agreement with all of the above.

Just wanted to say....
Thanks for the effort
Thanks Scout for organizing the Airboat Operation
Thanks for Planning the ride CC
Glad I was able to make it, and I had a great time.

looking forward to the next one.
basketcase0302":176lvniw said:
Mood & AirboatRN, hope ya still love me?!

Basketcase... Of course we still love ya! It would not be the same without you and we'd have it no other way. When I saw your grass rake heading toward our boat, BEFORE IT HIT, I was shouting out "It's OK... I'm not mad!". Not having the ability to turn back time, there was nothing anyone could do, so what use is it to get angry? So long as something was learned, I'm totally satisfied. Now, if you go bashing our boat on every run... You may see my 'tude change a little. But I learned something too... and that learnin' (for ALL of us) made it all worth while.

The way I see it is that God knew our 20+ year old rudders were going to fail that day, and it would have been a horrible & tragic accident. So He just reached out and pushed your boat into ours... And SAVED OUR LIVES!!! It's that simple, Jeff. Don't sweat it at all, and you did give me a gallon of antifreeze and water when we needed it... So we're happy.

And I still owe your that rockin' blues CD I promised. I'll make that up and get it for the next time.

I'd BETTER see you on the next run Basket! ABSOLUTELY no hard feelings AT ALL on this end!


matt & laura.
Hey Basket. Not a burden at all. Anytime you can save money is not a problem with me. But we had fun with you guys and I have already talked him into going out one night. I loved that night ride just wish we could have stayed out a little longer and the boys could have gone froggin. Passtime caught that one and he had the bug. He wanted to find more. But thanks for coming and you were not a problem. Glad we were there to help ya out.
Mr. and Mrs. CC....Thanks for the papers. I got them yesterday. Next time we see each other I'll give you the postage. I wish he would have put a better picture of me in there..LOL... but hey, at least it was all positive!!!

Glad to hear you got them. Don't worry about the postage though. I always have a surplus of stamps around. Never know when you need them.